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Each day we add dishes to our Indonesian menu to tempt your tastebuds and let you try something new! We now have pictures of selected menu items to share. Check back frequently to see what we’ve added for you to see! The followings are examples of what we’re cooking at Warung Pojok:


Acar Kuning
Arem-arem … Rice stuffed w/ ground beef wrapped in banana leaves
Ayam Balado … Baladonese chicken
Ayam Goreng Bumbu Kuning … Deep-fried chicken
Ayam Goreng Saus Mentega … Fried-chicken in sweet-buttery  soy sauce
Ayam Kalasan
Ayam Kari … Chicken curry
Ayam Kecap … Chicken cooked in sweet soy sauce
Ayam Asem Manis … Sweet and Sour Chicken
Ayam Panggang … Baked marinated chicken
Ayam Panggang Saus Kecap … Baked chicken in sweet soy sauce
Ayam Rica-Rica … Manadonese spicy chicken
Ayam Sambel Hijau … Chicken in green hot chilly sauce
Ayam Sauce Tiram with kacang … Chicken in black oyster sauce with peanut
Ayam Woku


Bakmie Goreng …Pan-fried noodle, vegetables and eggs
Bakwan Jagung … Deep-fried corn fritter
Bakwan Sayur… Vegetable fritter
Bakwan Tahu … fried tofu, fish cake and green onion
Bakwan  udang … Shrimp vegetable fritter
Balado Kentang Daging Sapi … Spicy potato and beef
Balado Kentang Udang Teri Pete … Spicy potatoes, shrimps, anchovies and sator
Bihun Goreng … Pan-fried rice noodles (small white noodle) mixed with vegetables and scrambled eggs
Broccoli Beef … Stir-fry broccoli beef
Bubur Ayam Cakwe… Chicken Porridge with Chinese bread
Bubur Candil … dessert: glutinous rice flour in thick brown sweet sauce


Capcay … stir-fried vegetables
Combro … deep-fried cassava stuffed w/ spicy soybean cake
Cumi masak kecap cabe ijo … squid cooked in spicy soy sauce


Egg Rolls
Es Campur
Es Cendol
Es Kacang Hijau


Fu Yung Hai (Egg Foo Young) … Chicken, shrimp, veggie omelette topped with sweet-tangy sauce


Gado – Gado Warung Pojok … Vegetable salad with a peanut sauce dressing topped w/ garlic chips
Gemblong … Deep-fried sticky rice and coconut coated with palm sugar
Gudeg Warung Pojok
Gule Babat Daging … Tripe and beef in yellow curry sauce
Gule Daging Sapi … Beef curry
Gule Ikan … Catfish in yellow curry sauce
Gule Kale Jagung … Kale and sweet kernel corns cooked in spicy yellow curried coconut milk
Gule Kale Kacang Panjang … Kale and long beans mixed in spicy yellow curried coconut milk
Gule Kambing … goat cooked in coconut milk
Gule Kepala Ikan … Fish head in yellow curried coconut milk
Gule Kikil Babat … Beef tendon and tripes cooked in yellow curried coconut milk
Gule Otak … Beef brain cooked in yellow curried coconut milk
Gule nangka dan daging … jack-fruits and beef cooked in curried coconut milk
Gule Tahu Telor … Tofu and hard-boiled eggs in yellow curry sauce
Gule Tahu Telor Udang … Tofu, eggs, and shrimp cooked in yellow curried coconut milk
Gule Terong Kacang Panjang … Egg plants and long beans in yellow curry sauce


Ikan Balado … Baladonese fried fish
Ikan Bumbu Tauco … Fish cooked in salted brown bean sauce

Ikan Goreng … fried fish

Ikan Goreng Tumis Cabe Ijo … Fried fish in stir-fry spicy sauce
Ikan Pesmol … Fried fish in yellow gravy ( tomato, carrot, cucumber )
Ikan Rica-rica … Manadonese spicy fish
Ikan Teri Goreng … fried anchovies


Jengkol Balado

Jengkol Semur


Kacang Panjang Udang Tauco … Long beans and shrimps in salted brown bean sauce
Kacang Panjang Udang Pete Tauco … Long beans, shrimps, and sator in salted brown bean sauce
Kambing Malbi … Goat meat with potato in sweet soy sauce
Karedok … Raw vegetable salad from Indonesia
Kentang Ayam Balado … Baladonese Potatoes, and Chickens
Kentang Udang Balado … Baladonese Potato and Shrimp
Kerang saus Padang … Clams and tofu in spicy Padang sauce
Ketan Hitam … sweet black-rice topped w/ coconut milk
Ketimus or Lemet … Grated cassava, coconut and brown sugar in banana leave
Ketoprak … Rice noodles, bean sprouts and tofu with peanut sauce, topped w/ garlic chips
Ketupat Sayur … Young papayas, long beans, and dried-shrimp cooked in spiced coconut milk with rice cake (ketupat)
Kimlo … Soup of vermicelli, mushrooms, chicken and beef meatballs
Klepon … Sweet Glutinous Coconut Rice Balls filled with palm sugar
Kolak ubi, singkong, pisang

Kroket … deep-fried potatoes with ground-beef filling

Kue Bolu Kukus
Kue Dadar Gulung
Kue Lapis Pepe … colorful-steamed-layered-glutinous rice flour cake
Kue Talam


Lemper Ayam … Sticky rice roll with chicken filling
Lumpia … Indonesian vegetarian egg-roll
Lupis … Indonesian Sweet Sticky Rice Dumplings


Martabak Manis Campur / Cheese … Indonesian sweet pancakes: chocolate-peanuts-cheese-sesame seeds
Mie Ayam Warung Pojok … Egg noodle (yellow) with soy-sauced chicken & mushroom on top, bok-choy vegetables & beef meatballs on the side
Mie Goreng … Fried noodle with vegetables and scrambled eggs


Nasi Goreng Special … Special fried rice w/ chicken, shrimp, vegetables, and fried egg
Nasi Kuning … Yellow rice with coconut milk and turmeric
Nasi Tim Ayam … Chicken steamed rice
Nasi Uduk … Jakarta coconut rice


Opor Ayam … Indonesian style chicken curry
Orak-Orik … stir-fry spicy vegetables


Pare Udang Tauco … bitter-melon and shrimps in salted brown bean sauce

Pastel … deep-fried pastry filled with veggies, chicken, glass noodles, and chopped hard-boiled eggs
Pecel … Kale, cabbage, bean sprout, tofu and tempe topped with kencur and peanut sauce
Pempek Kapal Selam … Deep-fried fish-cake stuffed w/ egg complete w/ its authentic cuka (dark sauce)
Pempek Lenjer … Deep-fried fish-cake w/ dark sauce
Pepes Ikan Teri … Steamed anchovies wrapped in charred-banana leaf
Pepes Tahu Udang … Steamed tofu and shrimp wrapped in banana leaf
Perkedel Tahu … Indonesian style of tofu fritata
Perkedel Kentang … Frikadel Potatoes or potato fritter w/ ground beef
Pindang Bandeng … Braised Milk Fish with Sweet Soy Sauce
Pete kecap … Sator and sweet corn cooked in sweet soy sauce

Pete, jagung dan kentang masak kecap … sator, corn and potato in sweet soy sauce
Pete dan kentang masak udang … sator and potato cooked with shrimps and bell-peppers
Pisang Goreng … fried banana


Risoles … pastry rolled in breadcrumbs filled w/ sweet n savory chicken ragu and veggies
Rempeyek Kacang … crispy deep-fried savory Indonesian flour cracker with peanuts
Rendang Ati Sapi … Beef liver in thick coconut sauce
Rendang Daging … Beef stewed in thick coconut sauce


Sambal Goreng Hati Ampela …Chicken liver and gizzard cooked in spicy chili sauce
Sambal Goreng Cumi Kentang … Spicy squid and potatoes
Sambal Goreng Hati Kentang … Beef liver and potatoes cooked in spicy chili sauce
Sambal Goreng Ikan Asin … Spicy salted fish
Sambal Goreng Kentang Ikan Teri … Potatoes and anchovies in spicy sauce
Sambal Goreng Kentang Udang Pete … spicy potatoes, shrimps, and sator

Sambal Goreng Kentang Ampla Pete … spicy potatoes, gizzards, and sator
Sambal Goreng Pete Tahu and Ampla … Tofu, sator, and gizzards cooked in spicy sauce
Sambal Goreng Rempela … Spicy chicken gizzards w/ jalapeno
Sambal Goreng Tahu Telor … Spicy tofu and egg in curry sauce
Sate Ayam + Lontong … Indonesian chicken satay in bamboo skewer with side of rice cake topped with peanut sauce
Sayur Asem … Indonesian tamarind vegetable soup
Sayur Asin, Tahu, Bakso … Stir-fried pickled veg., tofu, and beef meatballs
Sayur Kapau … Spicy Padang-style curry vegetables
Sayur Lodeh … Jackfruits, long beans, tofu and tempe in coconut milk
Sayur Nangka … young Jackfruits and beef in coconut milk

Semur Jengkol
Semur Tahu Telor Daging Sapi … Tofu, eggs, and beef meats stewed in sweet soy sauce
Siomay Warung Pojok … Steamed dumpling, stuffed tofu, stuffed cabbage, stuffed bitter melon served with peanut sauce
Sosis Saus Mentega … beef sausages in butter sauce
Soto Ayam … Javanese Style Chicken Soup, yellow spicy chicken soup with vermicelli
Soto Betawi … Beef, tendon and tripes in coconut milk soup added with potatoes, tomatoes, green onions, fried shallots & chips a la Jakarta
Soto Daging Babat … Beef meat and tripe in coconut milk soup
Soto Kikil Betawi … Beef feet, meat, tripe and tendon in coconut milk added with potatoes, tomatoes, green onions, fried shallots
Soto Madura … Madura style beef and tripe soup
Soto Mie
Soto Sulung
Soup Buntut … Javanese oxtail soup
Soup Daging dan Kacang Merah … Soup with beef and red beans
Soup Kambing

Soup Ayam, Sayur, Sosis … Vegetable soup with chicken and sausage

Soup Sosis, Bakso, dan Sayur … Chicken sausage, beef meatballs, and vegetable soup
Soup Tahu Baso … Beef ball soup mixed with tofu
Soup Jagung, sosis, and sayur … Soup of kernel corn, sausage, and veggies
Sayur sop daging sapi… vegetables and beef soup


Tahu Balado … Fried tofu in spicy balado sauce
Tahu Goreng Bumbu Kuning … Seasoned fried-tofu
Tahu Isi …. Deep fried tofu stuffed with ground chicken
Tahu Telur Sauce Kecap … Tofu & hard-boiled egg in sweet soy sauce
Tahu Tempe Bacem
Tahu Tempe Goreng Kecap … Tofu, Tempe fried with sweet soy sauce
Tahu Tempe Udang Tauco … Tofu, tempe and shrimps in salted brown bean sauce
Tahu Teri Cabe Ijo … Stir-fry tofu and anchovy in jalapeno chili
Tahu Udang Tauco … Tofu and shrimps in salted brown bean sauce
Tape Goreng
Telur Balado … Baladonese spicy fried boiled egg
Telur Dadar Warung Pojok … Indonesian-style omelette
Tempe Bacem
Tempe Goreng … Fried tempe
Tempe Goreng Cabe Ijo … Stir-fry tempeh in sweet ‘n’ spicy sauce
Tempe Orek … Sweet-spicy tempe, anchovies, peanuts
Teri Kentang Balado …. Spicy anchovies and potatoes
Terong Balado … spicy baladonese eggplants
Terong Kacang Panjang Udang Tauco … Stir-fry eggplants, long beans and shrimps in salted brown bean sauce
Tumis bok-choy … Stir-fry baby bok-choy
Tumis bok-choy, wortel, ayam … Stir-fry baby bok-choy, carrots and chicken
Tumis Broccoli Beef … Stir-fry broccoli beef
Tumis Broccoli Wortel … Stir-fry broccoli and carrots
Tumis Buncis … stir-fry green beans
Tumis Buncis dan ground beef … stir-fry green beans with ground beef
Tumis Buncis Ikan Teri … Stir-fry string beans and anchovies
Tumis Buncis, wortel … Stir-fry string beans with carrots
Tumis Cumi Cabe Ijo … Spicy stir-fry squid
Tumis Daun Pepaya … stir-fry papaya leaves
Tumis Kacang Kapri and Daging Sapi … Stir-fry snowpeas and beef
Tumis Kacang Panjang … Stir-fry long beans
Tumis Kacang Panjang Tahu … Stir-fry long beans and tofu
Tumis Kacang Panjang Tahu Udang … Stir-fry long beans, tofu and shrimps
Tumis Kacang Panjang Teri … Stir-fry long beans and anchovy in jalapeno chili
Tumis Kailan … stir-fry chinese broccoli

Tumis Kailan dan Udang… stir-fry chinese broccoli and shrimp
Tumis Kailan dan Ayam … stir-fry chinese broccoli w/ chicken
Tumis Kembang Kol dan Ayam … stir-fry cauliflower and chicken

Tumis Kol dan Telur Dadar … stir-fry cabbage with scrambled eggs

Tumis Labu siam dan kacang panjang …  stir-fry chayote and long beans
Tumis Labu siam dan tahu … spicy stir-fry chayote and tofu
Tumis Labu siam, tauge, and tahu … stir-fry chayote, bean sprouts, and tofu
Tumis Pare Tahu … Stir-fry bittermelon and tofu
Tumis Pare Udang … Stir-fry bitter melon mixed with shrimp
Tumis pare, sayur asin dan daging sapi
Tumis Sawi putih, tauge dan tahu 
… stir-fry napa cabbage, beansprouts, and tofu

Tumis Sawi putih dan telur dadar … stir-fry napa cabbage and scrambled eggs
Tumis Sayur Asin, tahu, baso
… stir-fry spicy pickled veg., tofu, and beef meatballs

Tumis Sayur Asin and pare … stir-fry sour-mustard and bittermelon

Tumis Sayur Asin, tahu, and pare … stir-fry pickled veg, tofu, and bittermelon
Tumis Tahu, ayam daun bawang 
… stir-fry tofu, chicken and scallion
Tumis Tahu and Tauge 
… Stir-fry tofu and bean sprout
Tumis Tempe Labu Siam 
… Stir-fry tempe with chayote
Tumis Tempe Pare .
.. stir-fry tempe & bittermelon
Tumis Tauge, Tahu, dan Kol 
… Stir-fry bean sprouts, tofu, and cabbage



Urap… Mixed vegetables (kale, cabbage and bean sprout) in seasoned shredded coconut


Wajik… glutinous rice cake with palm sugar


Zucchini cah jamur… stir-fried zucchini and mushroom

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